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Who You Should Follow on Twitter and Why

Everyone has their list of people they like on Twitter, but do they know why they are following who they are? Most don't. Some follow for the purpose of advertising their products and services, some to learn, and some just jump on bandwagons. Some of the people I follow provide me with far more than I provide them in terms of information, inspiration, and mentoring.

I tend to follow people that are active on Twitter, and actually contribute something to the conversation. They give out information that helps, and at the same time try to get to know me.

1. Barefoot_Exec She provides a wealth of information on list building. She ranks extremely high on my list because she has done it, and is not stingy with the information. You know the kind that always hint at, but never tell you anything. She is not among them. Her site Magnetic List Buildingis a must for anyone trying to get in the game.

2. FeliciaSlattery is the chief communicator. She teaches you how to communicated with the audience you are trying to reach knowing that how you talk to teens is not the same as with CEOs. She has a newsletter that is chock full of tips and guidelines. Again, an information provider, not just a hinter. You can get those tips at Communication Transformation.

3. PRsarahevansis the utmost in public relations. Need to know how to reach the media, she is your girl. She has even started a chat every Monday from 7-11 CST for journalist and pr people to connect and give tips. You can keep up with her at PR Sarah Evans

4. MariSmith is the Facebook Guru. Anything and everything you want to know about, she can tell you. She is a hoot too and loves to give tips from social media events she is attending. Get on her list at Why Facebook

5. Warren Whitlockis the coolest when it comes to book marketing. So many gems, so little time. Seriously, I want to write books that sell and he is the go to guy for that kind of information. You can even listen to his show full of information on Social Media.You can even get more info at Book Marketing Strategy

6. BobTheTeacher is the true teacher, bar none. This may be because he was a teacher just a few years ago. It comes across that he wants you to get the information that he and his guest are providing. Plus, he has found a way to let his students make money through referrals. Bob the teacher is teaching the student how to do what he does in a way that suits their personality and goals. I first came across him talking about Teleseminars, so that is the Website you should go to and get on his list. Teleseminar Formula

7. AlexMandossian is the mentor of Bob the Teacher when it comes to using Teleclasses to generate income. I met him at the Ultimate Business Seminar through Chris Howard. He gave great information on why you should do teleseminars and how to do them. He talked about how to then turn that teleclass into cash producing products such as reports, ebooks, transcripts and mp3s. You can find him at Alex Mandossian Today.

Here is the some things that makes these 7 people stand out:

1. They try to build relationships, not sell at the drop of a hat. I have some that I follow that all they do is advertise some product or service. They don't want to engage with me or find out what I'm about.

2. They all started from nothing. That is always a good place to start. These are not people that just moved millions from one business into another. They made this their full-time career, not a side job that they could walk away from if the mood struck them.

3. They all have several things going. Wow, a person could get tired looking at some of their schedules. They have more than one means to income, but the businesses seem to all tie into their skills.

4. They are genuine mentors. If you want to model success you have to find it to model. These 7 serve as a spring board of what to look for in a mentor. A mentor is not someone living a broke, uninspired life, but someone who is constantly taking chances and taking action on their ideas.

My point of writing this was to get you to follow people that are doing something and have the wisdom to help you step up your game. Further, you should know why you follow the people you do. It is cool to just kick back and have fun on Twitter, but how would your life change if you were following people that are where you want to go and are willing to teach you how to get there?