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Why I Like Selling on Amazon

For the last couple of years I have sold on Amazon, but through a rather passive way. Meaning, I put my books on there, and that was that. They sold it, collected the money, shipped it, and all that fun stuff. And I like it that way for the most part.

A few weeks ago, I happened up selling on Amazon, in this case, used books. What's the difference? Quite a bit. First off, let's just Admit Amazon takes a hell of a lot in either case. However, with this way, I felt like I have more control. I know who the customer is, and where they live which is sort of empowering.

Of course, Amazon has rules in place to discourage you from dealing with that customer aside from the sale, but it is still helpful to have a name to go with a product being sold. Aside from the name, there is the text message alerting you to the sale, followed by  an email. Then you pack and ship. The difference with this is it makes selling tangible. Withe the passive income, it is easy to forget that a person bought something from you  since you only see the name of the book, how many copies it old, and what you made from it.
So, while selling tangible items on Amazon may be more work, there is a huge plus for actually feeling like you are really in business, which passive income does not provide.