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Twitter is Not a Popularity Contest

I found an article on Shine written by a person who was comparing Twitter to 7th grade popularity. Her points seemed to be that none of the “cool” people talked to her except in secret (DM).

When I went to the profile, I found it interesting for several reasons.

1. Logo, No picture
2. First name only
3. Bio points to Website for online task journal
4. Tweets seem to be promoting other articles
5. Website was pretty much a wash.
6. Following 780 more than being followed
7. High following of celebrities

In other words, I found absolutely NO reason to want to follow this person, if it is a person, which from the blog posts; it seemed to indicate multiple writers. No names are provided. I could see if she was writing something horrid, but the reality is that she was writing stuff that was untrue, about a service that she has yet to figure out. That is like asking a ten year old for driving lessons. In other words, the novice should seek to learn, so they can act, and then get the results they want.

Another pet peeve, is that after she finishes her metaphor, is she then asks you to follow her on Twitter. Granted it looked like an afterthought, but it seemed hypocritical in my opinion.

So, my advice for the woman who thinks of herself in 7th grade is to:
1. Start engaging with people.
2. If you need to know something, ask.
3. Eliminate celebrities off following list unless she really thinks mrskutcher / Demi Moore or johncmayer / John Mayer are really going to respond to her tweets.