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4 Reasons to Publish an Ezine of Your Own

An Ezine is a word that combines email marketing with magazine. Today people publish Ezines as an online newsletter to provide quality education to their subscribers.

Although an e-zine has lost some of its luster, due to blogging and social networking, it can still be a valuable marketing tool. Here are four reasons to publish an easing of your own if you are not currently doing it.

1. First of all not everyone pays attention to blogs and social networking. There are still a number of people who prefer to sit down and read emails to get their information. This presents an opportunity for you to build a subscriber base of people who want to subscribe to your email newsletter.

2. A second reason to publish an Ezine of your own is it gives you an opportunity to build credibility with your audience. You do not have to always be selling when you send out a message to your list of subscribers.

As a matter of fact, you are better off to provide valuable information that people feel good about reading. Only then will you be able to make sales to them.

3. Having a list of subscribers to your Ezine does give you the opportunity to sell to it as well. You can sell advertising in your Ezine and make money, or you can include product of your own people can buy.

A quality list of subscribers can be worth a fortune to you, and an Ezine allows you to do that in ways that you might not be able to with just a website or blog.

4. If you have a list of your own, you can trade solo ads with other publishers. This allows you access to literally thousands of subscribers it you may not have been able to reach.

You can invite them to subscribe to your own Ezine, as well as offer products that may interest them. There were plenty of other publishers who will let you mail to their list if you are offering a product that does not directly compete with them. You just need to let them have access to mail to your list as well.

This is 4 reasons to publish an Ezine of your own. There are many other reasons, but the bottom line is publishing an Ezine is a great way to build a mailing list and make money at the same time. Anyone can do this with a little bit of effort.

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