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Looking for AdWords Landing Page Ideas? - 2 Page Designs That Really Increase Your ROI

If you are looking for an AdWords landing page you are probably working on your PPC campaign. Most people like to make an AdWords landing page for their ads rather than a website because it converts much better. You tell the viewer exactly what you are selling and all the benefits. If you made your AdWords ad right, your AdWords landing page will only be seen by highly relevant viewers.
But what kind of AdWords landing page do you want to make? There are two basic types and I'll explain them both below. The product and product competition are really going to be the deciding factors on which AdWords landing page you make. You can even try them both for a few weeks and see which one converts better.

Page Style #1 - Review: The review page style is really the faster AdWords landing page to build. you don't have a ton of text because you want to condense it and make each product information area small. We're not trying to leave a lot out but rather get as many products on the page as possible. If you have just one or two products on the screen before you have to scroll down, the viewer may not see there are more further down and won't go looking for them. Only two options isn't very helpful to them.
On the other hand if you offer 4 or 6 on the page, then they feel you have a good representation of the products out there and will base their decision on your recommendations. Obviously if you have done research on 6 similar products you really know your stuff.

Page Style #2 - Testimonial: The second type of page is a Testimonial page type. This kind of AdWords landing page is a long testimony page by you done in the first person. You try to connect with the reader and inform them about what you found. You explain all the benefits and give them examples. You won't have but one product on the page. A lot of Clickbank products use a testimonial page for their sales page and you know how long those can be. The whole point of the page is to convince the person reading that the product has value to them and it worth purchasing. Using words that involve them will help keep their attention.
With these examples of an AdWords landing page, you have a basis to create your next page for product sales. Many people don't realize that an effective product page can make all the difference and a good one has a high conversion ratio.

Each one of these types of product pages has a certain appeal to different industries. One may prefer the review while another would rather have a personal touch. Make sure you understand your products and customers to chose the right one. To get a more information about PPC marketing visit my website at You can also click my AdWords landing page link to get more details on each of these landing page styles.
Author: Zane Minninger