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Online Customers Hold the Power?

This 100 year old ad spells out exactly what seems to be happening in the online sales world. Businesses with no history seem to almost be demanding that prospects buy their stuff just 'cuz. Meaning, they have no relationship, have not developed any kind of trust or even engaged with them, but the resounding message is "buy from me." Today's consumer really holds all the cards (power) because they not only compare businesses, products, services, etc before they buy, but they also have a global stage to tell what they think of those products or services. Social media and review sites have given the buyer the power to spread their message. Yes, a few lie and manipulate to get something they don't deserve, but most don't. So, it is time businesses took their head out of the sand and really find out about today's buyer, and stop with the whining of days of old. The tables have turned, so you have to change how you do business or lose out to your competitor.