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Everyone knows that to get to the top in HR and be a part of the Senior Management Team takes ambition, experience, vision, solid communication skills, but maybe the one thing that is most often overlooked is the ability to effectively influence.

As demands on HR departments increase, The Gautrey Group (, a niche provider in influence training in the workplace, has seen a rise in the number of organisations looking for advice on how to make their HR personnel more effective and stronger. 

Colin Gautrey, founder of the Group, said, “When it comes to knowing how to make a credible contribution and being an integral part of the strategic decision-making process within a business, the HR team need to be able to influence effectively, at all levels. If they can master this, they have one of the most vital skills needed in order to succeed and reach the top.” 

He added, “When Lancaster University found evidence that over 50% of HR Directors are unclear about their roles, I wasn’t surprised*. This is exactly the kind of problem more people are coming to us with. When everything is needed urgently and the 'to do' list is growing by the minute, HR heads are working under increasing amounts of pressure to not only support employees but also assist management and roles become unclear. One of the most effective ways to manage these demands is to become more influential, hence the creation of our new programme.”

The company has used its extensive knowledge of influence to build a unique self-development package called “The Gautrey Influence Programme for HR Professionals”. The course offers a comprehensive set of diagnostics and exercises intended to provide HR professionals with the ability to:

Make a credible contribution to the business. 
Elevate themselves out of administration and into strategy.
Become part of the strategic decision-making process.
Become a key member of the business.
Grow a team that will give HR credibility and respect across the organisation.