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7 "Must Have" Twitter Tools

Everyone knows is a great tool for people that have an online or offline business and there are third-party web services that enhance its usefulness. Twitter is fast, free and very effective - perfect for the online or offline business owner. You can sign up for a free Twitter account and get going in no time and with not too much effort. All of the third-party websites listed below are offered free as well. People of all ages, incomes and locations are signing up for Twitter - and they can easily become your customers.

Here are 7 cool Twitter tools that will make your twittering faster, better and more profitable:

1. Do you have a team of people who are all on Twitter, but you don't want the info you tweet to be sent out for all to see? lets you send a tweet to a select group of people and keeps it from prying eyes.

2. This site lets you connect with thousands of moms on Twitter. This is great if you are a mom, but it can also be great if you have a product or service that benefits moms (but just make sure your Tweets aren't spammy, or you will quickly get the boot).

3. This tool is like having Google Alerts for Twitter. You can have alerts set up for your name, company, product, service, or anything else. If someone tweets about it, you get notified. (Kind of like how your earn burn when someone talks about you, but high-tech and a lot better!)

4. Twitzer (Firefox addon): Normally, Twitter tweets are limited to only 140 characters. This nifty little gizmo lets you post more than that.

5. This gadget will feed your blog posts to your Twitter account. You can choose the frequency of the tweets.

6. Create a poll on Twitter with this fun tool. It appears to allow comments, as well. It is great for getting your followers to interact with a tweet of yours.

7. This tool lets you keep track of what URL's are talked about on Twitter.

These cool tools can help you bring your business to the next level by keeping you informed, connected and up-to-date. Of course, the key to any Twitter success is to acquire as many quality followers as you can. Without very many Twitter followers, all of your marketing efforts and tweets won't have much impact on your bottom line. Go signup now at

Daryl Daughtry is the founder and CEO of a marketing membership service for solo independent professionals, entrepreneurs, and small business owners located online at

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