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Choosing the Best Domain Name For You and Your Online Business

Choosing the best domain name for you and your online business can be a crucial step in defining the success or failure of your hard work. You may build the best website in the world with great content and design but if the domain name is totally unrelated to your content you will be making more hard work for yourself.

Brainstorming is a common way of choosing a domain name. Once you have your website theme and content decided upon you can simply write down all of the possibly good names for your site and then check to see which ones are available.

Choosing what is available can be disappointing. You may find that all the great names that are short and easy to remember are already registered and therefore unavailable.

Buying from an auction site may be a solution. Sometimes your desired domain name may be available for sale at a domain name auction site. This can prove to be good in that the domain may already have a long history and may have an established site and traffic. It can be an expensive way to buy a domain compared to the low fees of buying an available domain.

Make sure that your chosen domain name is not branded. Do not use a company or brand name in your domain name or the company concerned may take legal action against you. You may end up losing all your hard work and domain.

If the com domain extension is available get it. If not, then get the org or net. Some people say to add a word to the end of the domain. This is ok if you do not make the domain name too long.

Try to choose a domain name with keywords in mind. These are the words people might type into a search engine when looking to find out information about your product or service.

So you have followed all the advice above and have found a good domain name for your site. It is relevant to your site content, has relevant keywords, is not too long and is not associated with a trademarked brand. Should you buy it now or sleep on it? I have done both over the years. Often a domain which seems great will not look so good the next day and you might wish you had saved your money. On the other hand, often I have slept on it and resolved to buy the domain the next day. Of course it was already snapped up by someone else! So I would say buy it now while it is available. Hopefully, it will be a successful site that you will keep for years to come.

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