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Hurricane Sandy Delays Barnes and Noble Payments to Publishers

Barnes and Noble is not exactly openly sharing the pay delay. In fact, you had to go to their help board to see the announcement which they only put up around 2 pm EST: Due to the impact of hurricane Sandy, the PubIt! October payments are delayed. We apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate your patience. Updates will be posted here on the PubIt! Community Board as soon as they become available. Sincerely, The PubIt! Team If they were going for cryptic, they were successful and some posters were not too happy: I don't understand, you knew Sandy was coming so why didn't they send them out before it hit this way there would be no delay. Kind of hurting everyone here. I totally get this is caused by a Natural Disaster. But what I don't understand is how your company isn't able to function at month end to process automatic payment distributions. If you can keep your websites up and running, if you are able to continue to sell books online, if you can come on here and give this lame update, surely your staff can remotely process the transactions owed to your authors???? I'm also a bit disturbed that your comment is vague and gives no insight into how long this will take to be resolved. A day, a week, a month? Why aren't we learning anything on your plans to resolve this issue. For some of us this is our livelihood.