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Of Course it's the Money, Duh!

I have one of two responses when I hear someone saying they are not doing something for the money. One, is to call them a straight out liar, or two, think they are some idiot living off parents, spouse or significant other, who doesn't get that someone is paying for their ability to "play."

No where is this "not doing it for the money" thinking so apparent then in writing circles. Yes, I get it, it's your passion, blah, blah, blah. However, if you REALLY did not want to get paid for said writing, you wouldn't submit it to places to get paid. There are these things called blogs. So, now that we have eliminated that first lie, lets move on.

Two, if you have put all your eggs (writing income) in one basket which has changed their payout and you just lap it up like a dog, you are not a business person. Over the last two years the online writing world has changed significantly, but it is clear some think they are being the "good guy" to just roll with the punches and not adjust.

At some point, if a person is doing something for pay where they have to consider the return on investment (ROI). Meaning, if you are spending two hours writing a researched article for $5, which no one reads, that's a waste of time and effort. It might help get other opportunities, but it depends on the credibility of the outlet. For example, If you wrote for Forbes for free vs a content farm, there is a HUGE difference in how an author will be viewed.

There are lots of writing outlets which have moved to payment based on views. This really only works for credible outlets (Forbes) and writers who have an audience and know how to market their work through social media avenues. If you don't have one or the other, the odds are that you will never see a payout since no one will be reading your work.

The bottom line is write for outlets which help you get to where you want to be. If you want to be considered an expert then choose an outlet where there is a built in audience and they are respected. You could do your own blog of course, but it takes time to make it profitable (ROI).

Wanting to write for your passion is noble, but if you need that income to live, then be wise and write for outlets who are willing to pay for your work or have an audience large enough where you will gain exposure which you can leverage.