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What Makes Your Business Standout?

Seth Godin says that in order to get your business noticed, it must standout. Of course, he wrote a book about it called "The Purple Cow." When I look at various businesses coming along, one thing is certain, most do not standout. In fact, many are just copycats.

It's sort of like a paint-by-number business model. The reason for this is usually because they took the idea of someone else or read books and articles on what the newest get rich quick scheme is.

In order for your business to stand out, you have to be doing something someone else is not doing. It is about providing a solution to a problem. Standing out may be as simple as simplifying a difficult process. Another issue is that the online business audience has zero clue who their audience is. They seem to go with the throw it against the wall and whatever sticks is your audience.

One thing I have learned is there are three primary audiences, you early adopters, masses, and laggards. The approach to each audience is difference. Why they buy is different, so it's up to the business owner to find out who they want to serve.

Standing out is not hard as long as the idea is yours. If you are just copying an idea to get "rich" then you will not put in the real work to do what's necessary.

So, some questions to help you think:

1. What problem are you solving?

2. Who is the audience you are targeting?

3. Have they ever paid for this type of product before?

4. What are they willing to pay?

5. If you have competitors, how are you different from them?