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The 48 Hour Experiment Update

It is with sadness that I must withdraw from the 48 hour experiment. I have produced a lot of information during the time, but still feel it is not ready for release.

What I learned:

1. Planning takes time.
2. Developing materials takes time.
3. Recording, shooting video, and writing takes time.

Point: DON'T ever put yourself in a position where you HAVE to make money within a short period of time to live. Fortunately this was an experiment for me, but sadly, for many, it is a fact of life. Some people do live their lives with their backs against the wall, and I think doing that makes them vulnerable to be a victim or perpetrator of a scam.

The difference between the John Reese plan and the 48 hour challenge was that John Reese was releasing something he had designed. Further, he already had a following. The 48 hour challenge is the person who needs their mortgage, and has no where else to get it. It is a hail mary way to conduct business. A business should not be run like that. Actually, it cannot run like that and survive. Decisions made out of necessity for money can often be dangerous.

Kathy Ireland said, "Money problems usually happen over a slow bleed." I agree. People who are trying to fix desperate situations need to acknowledge that their money choices up to that point have led them to this place. And, what if they get the money in the 48 hours? Will they not begin to think it is so easy that they continue to try to do it that way?

Clearly, the behavior behind the money has to be dealt with, or the cycle will continue, and valuable lessons will be thrown out.

When I heard about this 48 hour dilemma from Tony Robbins in his interview with Frank Kearn and John Reese (video), I have to admit I was intrigued. Being a person of common sense I did not try to do $1 million in 18 hours like John Reese, but to start small and build. I mean, if you never had $100 then you should start small. The point is to do it, and be consistent in building your goals.

Where do we go from here?

I will continue to build the product I started, but also will be doing a Teleclass for business owners on my area of expertise. Be on the look out for that announcement.

I learned a lot from this experiment. Happy I did it and knew enough not to just throw things out there that I did not feel served the people fully.