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Who are You Listening To While You Build Your Business?

Since as,long as I can remember I have always been aware of the importance of who you hang around or listen to. I have always taken the approach of watching and learning. Of late, I have been on a Seth Godin kick. I like him. He is smart and practical. You would be surprised how rare of a combo that is. He has a podcast called "Start-up School" where you hear excerpts of a three day event he held for people in the early stages of business. As someone who has been publishing for a little over two years, I needed his wisdom, because quite frankly one area seemed to dry up overnight, so I needed to adjust course or close down. I was in the process of adjusting when I found out about the podcast. What a time saver it has been. It helped me make some solid decisions on the path to pursue. Now, I know many talk about the importance of mentors in person, but, again quite frankly, he was/is a publisher, and not a whatever is popular now "expert." So, he earns credit for having been where I want to go. Sure there are slight differences, but not enough to chuck off his advice to the people he was teaching. Here is what I know for sure, I may not have been in the room when he taught the seminar, but he has mentored me. We all need to take stock in who we are going to or listening to for advice. You can go to the know-it-all with zero results to show for all that "knowledge" or you can listen and ACT on the advice of the ones who are actually DOING it. Somewhere along the line we started listening to anyone who hung up a shingle, and ignored those who were actually doing something. It doesn't take much to talk, but it takes guts to act. So, who are you listening to? How is that working out for you?