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The One Nelson Mandela Quote That Businesses Should Apply

Nelson Mandela said many things, which one would consider wise, but there was one quote I heard that I had not, before, and it applies to life and business.

The story goes that when he was young, he and the neighborhood boys used to enjoy stick fights. He said that he was learned to "(defeat) win, but do not dishonor your opponent." A strategy he used throughout his life.
So how does this apply to business? In the rush for market share, higher market earnings, and sales, some businesses have gone the route of dishonor.

  • They go on review sites and bash their competition.
  • They belittle (humiliate) the founders/CEOs of the competition.
  • They lie to customers about the quality of the product (service).
Here's the thing, if you have to grow your business through lies and deceit, then perhaps business is not where you belong. If you want to defeat your competition:
  •  Have a product or service that is better. 
  • Go the extra mile, which few are willing to do. 
  • Act with integrity (again, in short supply).