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Google Plus is Not an Option

I have a friend who hates Google+. There's no real reason for this animosity, but she just hates it. My guess is because it takes time to develop relationships on it. It's not like Twitter where you can throw out some tweets on a popular Tweet and someone will possibly start a chat with you. Nope, Google+ takes work, but the spoils go to those who are willing to do the work. As you know, every platform has an audience and serves a particular purpose. Twitter used to be if you wanted to meet people, then you could send them a tweet, but with the rise of so called social media experts, the platform has changed to a one sided broadcast. The only way to have a conversation is to be on a hashtag chat or talk about a trending topic. Sorry, but that is the reality. Facebook is really for people you know, and it is moving towards a pay to have your post seen platform due to all the brands, marketers and moms. Again, just another reality. Google plus is sort of what you want it to be. If you want success, you will have to: *Have people in your circles that are active on the platform, and not just a bunch of people autoposting. *Find people around a hobby/idea (example, photography is a HUGE group) *Participate in some Hangouts *Comment on stuff that interest you. The comment system is sort of a chat the way many use it. *Jump In Using it for your business is a no brainer. You can use the Hangouts (video conference with up to 9 people) to share your expertise, interview people, cook, sing, whatever. If you want to have some ROI for your time on Google+ then consider becoming an instructor in the Helpout section. You set the price, the time limit, and the topic. Google gets 20 percent, but small price to pay since it is their audience that is coming to you. Get in there and really get involved. Don't listen to people (journalist) who don't even use the platform. That's like asking a life long vegan how a steak tastes. They have no idea.